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Start your study even before you get to class with these A-319/320/321study cards. The System Controls and Indices cards are applicable to the airbus systems, while the full set is tailored to the American Airlines fleet. These are not your typical flashcards with one question on the front and one answer on the back. These are power-packed cards with a massive amount of information contained on approximately 200 3 X 5" cards. I've done the time-consuming work for you so you can just study and be ready for that check ride. All that's left is the flying!

System Controls and Indices:  Approximately 100 two-sided cards (including 23 doubles/quads); switches and lights on your panel - what the light means, what the switch does.

Limitations, Non-normal/Memory Items:  Over 25 two-sided cards; all required memory limitations + many more non-bolded-but-essential limitations; non-normal methodology, including memory items, plus more.

Flows and MCDU Programming:  Seat-specific flows from the captain's crew briefing and Safety and Power-On Checklist to shutdown and every flow in between; almost 40 two-sided captain's or F/O's cards; includes MCDU FMS 2 programming to work into your flow just like you will do on every flight.

Profiles:  Approximately 35 cards (including 17 doubles and 21 color) to take you from takeoff to landing; includes in-flight maneuvers, hot and cold-weather ops, go/no-go criteria, missed approach criteria, and more; profiles include timing, FMA labels, verbiage divided into PF and PM duties; loaded with info.


The Airbus flash cards were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed them. I wanted a study aid that would get right to the point in helping me pass the oral test on the Airbus systems, limitations and procedures. They're quick, concise, easy to read and right to the point; and they're color-coded for section differentiation. Problem presented + solution introduced = problem solved. - Dave, Airbus captain, KPHX

They're definitely the Rembrandt of study cards ... - Scott, Airbus FO

For the last two years I have used these cards to prepare for my AQP. I take them with me on a few of the pairings before training and study them
while I'm sitting in the hotel. I go through them fairly quickly the first time and flag the ones that I need to work on and then study those a few times. It's a simple and effective way to prep. - Art, 12 year Airbus FO

These flash cards make it easy to get some study or review while on company time. A few weeks before training especially, I carry a section of cards with me on my trips for review on the flight deck or in the hotel. No need to carry company manuals or a laptop. Cycle through a different section each trip and all the needed information is easier to recall when needed. - Lloyd, Airbus FO

I obtained a set of these Airbus flashcards as another resource to study for my CQT next month, and was shocked at the amount of content they contain! The complete deck of cards stands three inches tall, and the cards themselves are color coded. Green stock for limitations, pink for non-normal methodology, blue for flows, white for flight profiles, and beige for aircraft systems. For all practical purposes, you are able to keep the relevant information you need to study from the lights and switches guide as well as the pilot handbook in your pocket! I highly recommend this tool in your bag of tricks for not only your annual AQP but for initial training as well. - Bob Sanford,

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Disclaimer (of course): These are not "official" American Airlines documents and should be used only to aid in your training. Consult your company manuals for current, accurate information. These cards will be up-to-date as of your order date (if you find any mistakes, I'll replace that card for free), but this price does not include nor is it a subscription for any later revisions that we all know will occur.

Sample Limitations Flashcard:

Sample Flows Flashcard:

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