A330 Section

This page contains downloads and checkride scenarios specifically for the A330. 

All information will be provided by individuals currently involved in the A330 program, as I am on the "Little" Bus and do not have access to current information. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so.

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A330 Technical Ground School Study Guide

Captain AB 330 Flows Guide
F/O AB 330 Flows Guide

Simulator Callouts and Briefing Guide
A330 Fact Sheet

Sample Type Rating Oral


AQP A330 Lights & Switches / System Software

A330 International Procedures (full sheet version Jan 16)
A330 International Procedures (pamphlet version Jan 16)

A330 North Atlantic and European Operations Notes:

3-Letter Telephony Info For CDTI

(Formatting is corrected and notes to print are included)

Eruropean Overview and NA Communication  (01APR15)

What to Expect Airport Operations (AUG 17)