Updated July 22, 2018.

There are numerous changes with the July 2018 new abnormal methodology, including an addition to the fleet of a Quick Reference Checklist!

The new A330 Training Guide for Continuing Qualification is available at aapilots.com>Training & Quals>Training Home>Recurrent Training>330. It is important you review the CQ Guide in its entirety; as well as the slides of the respective R9 or R18 briefings , since these slides include the Systems & Limitations Validation questions AND ANSWERS.

I really need your input on the SPOTS, and non-normal events that occurred during your ride. Please send me a summary of your experiences in the simulator to:

Click here for Line Pilot CQ Simulator Comments

Here's the CQT generic schedule:

CQT Schedule   

The R9 consists of:
1. One day of classroom training
2. One day of recurrent simulator training (RTS)
3. One day for the RLE, which has a one leg city pair evaluation, and Recurrent Advanced Training (RAD)

Nine months later, pilots will return for the R18 that involves:
1. One day of classroom training
2. One day of recurrent simulator training (RTS)
3. One day for the Maneuvers-based evaluation (RVA) and RAD


Simulator Callouts / Approach Briefing Guide
Captain A330 Flows Guide
F/O A330 Flows Guide
A330 Fact Sheet

You should download and review the Recurrent Training Materials and Briefings at www.aapilots.com > Training & Quals > Training Home > Recurrent & Requalification Training>A330:

  • A330 Continuing Qual Training Guide
  • R9, R18, and RTS Briefing Slides
  • ECAM Trainer (Company iPad)
  • A330 Trigger and Flow Guide
  • A330 Exterior Inspection
  • Non Normal Methodologies and FIX Review
A330 OM Volumes I and II
Aircraft Systems
Limitations - OM1 Chapter 1
Memory Item(s) - QRC/QRH: Undue Activation of Alpha Protection
Review QRC/QRH procedures and OD pages

Review RNAV (RNP) SAAAR, ECAM Trainer, and Video modules
Appropriate SIDs, STARs, Airport Advisory Pages, Company Charts (former 10-7 pages), and Approach Plates (iPad JeppFD-PRO or
   www.aapilots.com>Kitbag>Jeppesen Chart Viewer)


Flight Manual
Human Factors
Security (Day 2, but may occur on Day 1)
Aircraft Systems, for example:

Training Intervals


It is imperative you drop me a line as soon as you complete your CQ to let me know of any changes or additions. After you have recovered from your CQ jot down any notes on it while it's fresh in your mind and pass them along to me. The accuracy of the information posted is only as good as the feedback I get from you guys and gals. Please pass along any additional details you feel would help.

Send your comments to: busdriver@hky.com