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I initially began this site as a hobby to make the Sample Oral Study Guide readily available.  Over time the content and features have been greatly expanded, but in doing so my costs involved have increased dramatically in terms of both time and expense. The cost of hosting, additional server space, domain name registration, and software revisions required to maintain the site are starting to add up (my time is free). Many of you have suggested I charge for this service, which I hesitate to do. As an alternative for those of you that use this site on a regular basis, you may participate voluntarily if you wish by making a small contribution to help support the costs involved, thus ensuring this site remains online. If you prefer not to, that's fine - the material will be available regardless. I have set up an account with PayPal which utilizes a secure payment method. If you would like to drop some spare change in the Tin Cup fund to help cover expenses, click on the DONATE button below. If you are not comfortable using PayPal Click Here for alternate options. Thanks again to those of you that have helped out, thus ensuring this site stays online!
QuickLinks For A320 CQT:

Technical Ground School Study Guide Questions and Answers

Effective thru 30 JUN 2015:

Systems and Procedures Validation Questions and Answers (updated 03/13/15)


Simulator Callouts and Briefing Guide (updated 03/13/15)

Captain AB 320 Flows Guide (updated 03/13/15)
F/O AB 320 Flows Guide

A320 CQT Maneuvers

They're back! ... the infamous Eric Parks Airbus Training Notes (updated 6/12/14)

QuickLinks For A330 CQT:

A330 Technical Ground School Study Guide Questions and Answers

Effective thru 30 JUN 2015:

Systems and Procedures Validation Questions and Answers


Simulator Callouts and Briefing Guide

Captain AB 330 Flows Guide (updated 03/13/15)
F/O AB 330 Flows Guide

A330 International Procedures (full sheet version Jan 15)
A330 International Procedures (pamphlet version Jan 15)

Click here for more A330 Files ...

I really need your input on the SPOTS, LOFT, and non-normal events that occurred during your ride so I can update the triggers and scenario events. Please send me a summary of your SPOT and LOFT experiences in the simulator to:

A320 Line Pilot CQT Scenario Comments submitted thus far (updated 03/13/15) A330 Line Pilot CQT Scenario Comments submitted thus far (updated 09/09/14)
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 NEW! Airbus A320, A330, A340 (Plus Boeing and RJ) Lights and Switches System Software ...

The training focus of this site is for the Airbus A319/320/321 series aircraft, and a section for the A330 has recently been added. I have included the Systems and Procedures Validation Question and Answer Study Guide, TGS Study Guide, Simulator Callouts and Approach Briefing Guide, Type Rating Oral Guide, and CQT Scenarios. There are also several study aids such as the By Pilots For Pilots A320 study software, Flight Operations Journals, a Lights and Switches Guide, FMA Guide, various system schematics, and the Eric Park's Airbus Training Notes available for download. 

Many of you have been awarded an Airbus bid but do not have a class date. The company will not issue a PHB until you have been assigned to school. For those of you who would like to begin preparation in advance of training (highly recommended!) I have posted an Airbus Pre-School page with suggestions and materials to give you a head start. There is also an Initial Training page describing what to expect once you do begin training.

Quite a few individuals have requested a section dedicated to techniques related to flying the Airbus, so that is now incorporated within the site. If you have any items of interest you think would be beneficial to the group please don't hesitate to forward it for posting. If you prefer, it can be implemented in an anonymous manner. There is also an Airbus Boot Camp page with answers to questions sent in from pilots on the line.

The concept here is a two way street. You will have access to the latest set of material at all times. When you're up for a pending checkride, just check here to determine if you have the latest set of Guides and the current CQT scenario. If not, feel free to download the most current set. In return, if you would be kind enough to relay any pertinent information relating to your CQT checkride back to me, we can disseminate this information for the benefit of all. In addition, any constructive comments or criticisms would be appreciated. Please report any errors or updates that you find. If you think additional information would be beneficial, let me know. Send any links to other websites you think we should add to the site.


The Study Guides were developed using Microsoft Word.  Adobe Acrobat PDF versions are available for those of you lacking Word.

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Happy Contrails ...

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Disclaimer: This totally unofficial rogue website and the material contained within is intended for home study purposes only. As always, your company procedures, policies, and manuals will take precedence over the material contained within this website.

NEW! The Un-Official Airbus A320 Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual

Captain Mike Ray has written about flying the Airbus 320 ... this manual, while intended specifically for the professional airline pilot, would make a terrific addition to any serious flight simmers library. It is a huge document with 400 pages of lavish full color diagrams and descriptions and accompanied by textual explanations written so that even the most unfamiliar person can become an Airbus A320 expert.

The book is titled "The Unofficial Airbus 320 Simulator Manual" and is in keeping with the other manuals Captain Mike has written. Written with the watchful guidance of an FAA A320 Check Captain at a major airline ... when completed, he remarked, 'It is a work of art!" And it is a beautiful four color offset book that is pleasing aesthetically as well as choked full of definitive technical information.

The 6 X 8 1/2 inch size is complemented by the unique lay-flat wire-o binding. Covered with a laminated wrap around cover it is intended for constant use around the computer workplace. the paper was carefully chosen to allow marking and pen notations to be made. The hefty volume will be a constant companion for those simmers who want to master the operation of the Airbus 320 family of airplanes.
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